Do you have something to lease? Or are you looking for something to rent?

Most of us have items that are not used on a daily basis. Such as cameras, bicycles, consoles, tools and more. Why can't we generate extra income from these items?

It can be anything: a motor-home, a boat, a camera, a gaming console. Items you don't need on a daily basis.

So far there is no place that allows you lease your items and to rent items you need directly from other people. aims to solve this, by creating an easy to use marketplace that connects people that have something to lease with people that want to rent it.

Think of it as an 'Airbnb for everything else'.

Intended impact

Thanks to you’ll be able to:

  • Hire items from someone like you.

  • Lease your items to others.

  • Save money by renting from others. We expect that renting from private individuals on Daylui will be cheaper than renting from specialised companies.

  • Every purchase can become an investment. Over the years people tend to accumulate a lot of stuff that rarely gets used. Why not to offset costs of ownership and generate extra income by renting it to others?

  • Have choice of rental offers, with the possibility to rent from both private people and companies. Anyone can join and list items for rent.

  • Rent locally. You will no longer need to travel far to rental companies. Our aim is that you will have the possibility to find rentals you need in closer locations, saving you money and time on travelling and arranging rentals.

  • You will find new customers, who will be hiring items from you.

  • The efficient usage of resources that comes from renting unused items. This will reduce consumerism and helps to create a better society and a cleaner planet.

Substantial accomplishments to date

A user friendly rental platform managed by a consolidated and professional team. The Daylui platform is fully functional and has a steadily growing user base. Plus we have designed it to be scalable, aiming to expand worldwide. We have already communicated with a few parties and aim to scale Daylui internationally.

When we set out to achieve something, we do it. And it‘s more than words. Our team is solid, and many of our team have known each other for more than 5 years. Together we worked on a number of different projects, including the creation of the successfully operating business and the successful raising of funds on Kickstarter (twice).

We also received the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur award for the 2 great ideas Daylui & Esquoia.

Esquoia is already a profitable business ( Now is the time go bigger with Daylui.

Monetisation strategy

There are a number of possible monetisation strategies that we could pursue but we are concentrating on one. We charge a 9% commission fee on every rental transaction.

In major cities we plan to cooperate with delivery companies or, even better, to integrate our own delivery service, which would assist users with the delivery of their rental items. This would come at a cost, which would generate extra income.

Another monetization strategy we plan to implement is insurance. We intend to offer the opportunity to put insurance on items for an extra cost. To do so we hope to work with insurance companies that will underwrite the insurance policies.

Last, but not least, when the item base grows, we can provide a simple premium placement solution for those who want more visibility for their rentable items.

With a platform like we expect to be able to come up with many more monetisation strategies. However we strongly believe in keeping the service simple and comfortable for the users, without too much confusion on pricing and advertising.

Use of proceeds

Our detailed execution plan includes this use for the proceeds.

  • For Marketing - 45% of funds.
    (More detailed marketing explanation can be found in the Market section).
    - Accelerate user acquisition.
    - Build Daylui‘s brand awareness. (When planning a trip many people think of Airbnb as a place to book their room. We want to build this level of awareness for people that plan to rent something.)

  • Moving cross-platform. Mobile software development (Apps for iOS & Android) - 15% of investment.
    - 70% of the population uses mobile devices. Therefore it‘s more and more important to have Apps to serve the users and always be with them when they need it.

  • Labour costs - 40% of costs.
    - Continuous improvements on the web platform (Better UX, UI, SEO etc.)
    - Improved user verifications, to build better trust, with additional security measures like identity check.
    - Insurance integration, offering extra opportunities to protect items and build more trust.
    - 50% of labour costs are also going to be linked with marketing and development. (2 non-technical persons will work on project development.)

Target market

Our target market is the UK. Rental market in the UK is very large. These are some rough numbers, to give you a better idea of the size of this market:

In the UK, car rental market is worth £1.4 billion, event equipment Hire market £560 million, and the construction equipment rental market £4 billion. Other popular rental categories are cameras, video equipment, sports and leisure equipment, sound and music equipment.

We believe that our service is highly scalable and once we have built a strong user base and brand awareness in the UK, we plan to expand our business to other markets.

Characteristics of target market

  • The population in England is of 52 Million people with a density living of 413/sqkm ( one of the highest in Europe ). This is important because, when renting and hiring, it's going to be simpler as people are living closer to each other, and pick up or delivery service is going to be easy to arrange.

  • Over 87.9% of the UK adult population use the internet.

  • By 2018, 70% of the population (46.4 million) are expected to be mobile users.

  • Average income level in the country is high, meaning that it is more likely that people have many different items that they don‘t use on a daily basis. These people would benefit a lot from Daylui‘s service.

  • All age groups from 18 to 65. Since rental is broad and people are renting various things daily like tools, cars and cameras. With our platform we are going to invite young people to rent simple things like cameras, consoles and bicycles. This way we help them make some money while making their rental habit to stick with Daylui . At the same time, our web platform will always be there to assist the higher age population who are looking for specific items to rent.

  • In the UK, there are approximately, 1.83 million UK students and 440,000 international students. Students often don‘t have enough money to purchase things, or they need things for temporary purposes. Therefore would be a perfect fit here, giving opportunity to hire things rather than buying it.

  • The UK government is currently supporting sharing economy initiatives.

Marketing strategy

As Airbnb and Uber disrupted hotel and taxi industry, we want to change the rental industry and enable ordinary people to rent their items to each other.

Whenever people think of hiring something, we want them to think of Thus we want to build strong brand awareness in the UK.

We will use A/B Testing in our marketing to make sure we get the most out of our marketing investments. We will only keep on using the most efficient marketing channels.

Initially money will be allocated intuitively, after some testing, we will allocate money to campaigns with best results and focus on best performing channels.

We intend to use the following channels and methodologies.

  • Social Media: We currently have over 1,900 fans on facebook, twitter and Instagram. We are going to continue to use these marketing channels and promote our campaigns with paid advertising in to grow our brand awareness and presence online.

  • Email Newsletter: Every registered user is subscribed to our email newsletter. With it we will keep our users constantly informed about great new rental opportunities and other related information.

  • SEO and PPC: since people are already aware of the rental process, we will use this channel to attract people who are already looking for something to rent.

  • Display advertising: This is an interesting channel for us which we believe could lead to strong user growth.

  • Referral system: for some companies this proved to be a very effective way of growth. Thus we will implement a two-sided referral system, which would incentivize both parties to use Users will benefit from inviting friends and friends will benefit from joining Daylui.

  • Press Releases: as part of our marketing campaign we will use press releases in order to build brand awareness via media channels with big audiences. We intend for this to be a long term campaign managed by specialised professionals.

  • Physical advertising: We will try some physical advertising techniques, this can prove to be an effective way, too. Such as flyers at university campuses, participations at various events etc.

Competition strategy

The market is huge and there is plenty of potential. However, to stay ahead of competition, we simply need to continue to do what we planned and execute.

  • We have a working and functional product, this enables us to acquire users and provide them with the service. For any new entrants it would take time and money to develop both platform and pressence. (Currently we therefor have an advantage).

  • We are a one stop shop marketplace, allowing us to lease and rent from many different categories. We believe by offering more categories we have an advantage as we give more value to our users. It's easier for them to look through different categories in one place, as well as list their items in one place, rather than surfing through many different websites.

  • Balanced & Professional team. Team consists of 4 professionals: Daniel in Web Programming (Back end developer), Stanislav in Web designing (Front end developer), Valdemar in Business development, Anna in Marketing and Customer service.

  • Commitment. Our team strongly believes in this project, we are sure that people need something like this to be able share things with each other. We are dedicated to work hard to make this project a success.

  • Remote & Low operational costs. We live in different cities and therefore work remotely, this allows our business to operate on lower operational costs, and thus we can make more out of the money. We complete more with less and we will be able to dedicate more funds for marketing.

  • We will stick to our marketing plan and continue user aquisition and building strong brand awareness in the UK.

  • We constantly improve and look to go even better by improving our service through building a better user interface and experience.

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