Table saw Cedima

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Table saw CTS-57 G

max. cutting depth 125 mm

max. cutting length 600 mm 

max.blade-Ø 400 mm

powerful blade drive motor with 230 V

fixable swivel cutting head, adjustable for mitre cuts from 0° to 45°

smooth-running roller table with adjustable lateral stop

supply with cooling water by electrical water pump

simple cleaning by combination of water container with overflow plug and bucket

easy transport and loading by removable plug-in feet, transport rollers, carrying handles and crane eyes


max. cutting depth (mm) 125
bore hole (mm) 25.4
max. cutting length (mm) 600
max. blade-Ø (mm) 400
speed of cutting shaft (rpm) 2770
protection class IP54
contents water container/bucket (l) 35
lenght (mm) 1140
width (mm) 620
height (mm, transport/application) 0
weight (kg) 74
sound pressure level (dB (A)) 69.8
sound power level (dB (A)) 88.5

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