Invest - online rental marketplace connecting people who have something to lease, with people who are looking for something to rent.

We have a vision and passion to make it global platform which will connect millions of people worldwide, who will be able to share their items with others and earn money.

Anyone will be able to rent items anywhere in the world, with millions of great listings available worldwide.

The sharing economy will be worth
$335 billion
globally by 2025
By 2025, the five sharing economy key sectors could generate over half of overall sales in the ten traditional ‘rental’ sectors – a potential revenue opportunity worth $335bn. Over that period, sharing economy sectors are likely to grow much quicker than the rate of traditional rental sectors.

Let's work together

At Daylui we work passionately to create global platform which will connect people around the world and help them share their stuff with others.

We are looking for serious investors and partners who share our vision, and would be interested to join our team. We need help to scale our business efficiently and professionally.

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