How it works

Simple guide to renting and sharing items on

List your items
Enter description about your item, set a price, upload photos, and submit. We will work hard to get you first rental requests!
Review rental requests
When someone is interested in your listing, they will either send you a message or request to book it. Once you received their request, approve it.
Meet the renter
On the day of the rental, meet your renter, great him and show your item and advice how to use it.
Earn money & repeat collects the rental payments and pays you directly. Thus you can enjoy extra income, and list more of your items for rent!

Why list your items on

Free to list.

Creating a listing page is free. You’ll only pay a 9% commission fee on your rental earnings.

Earn extra income.

Start listing your items and rent it to people around. Offset the costs of ownership and make extra income!

Easy to communicate.

Exchanging messages will help you select renters who are a good fit for your listing. You can review their profiles and the reviews they’ve received from others.

You’re in control.

You can choose to approve each rental on case-by-case basis. You can set customized availability dates, and different pricing for day, week or a month.

Find item you need
Explore great listings on and find the right items you need.
Rent it online
Contact listing owner, confirm your rental dates, and pay all through
Use & Enjoy
Meet owner, pick up your item & Enjoy using rented item for a period you booked it.

Why rent items on


Access to hundreds of great listings, shared by people around you. You can search in your neighbourhood, or anywhere you like.

Free to use is free to join and there are no monthly or annual fees. Owners pay commission on their rents.

Easy to communicate.

We support active communication between owners and renters. Feel free to ask questions you need to be comfortable.

Verifications and Trust

Users can identify themselves via networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter. This helps to build trust and safety among community.

List your inventory
Upload items, enter needed information. If you have large rental inventory please contact us to get help listing your items.
Receive rental requests
Start receiving rental requests from people looking to hire your rental equipment.
Earn and repeat
We will handle payments and you will be paid fast within 2 working days. Thus you can relax and grow your rental business.

Why cooperate with us?

More customers

We receive large number of rental requests. Take advantage of our search engine optimization expertise and advertising campaigns. Receive more requests!

It's free to list

Listing your rental items is free! You pay nothing until you get rental request's!

Easy management

We have built great rental management system. It's easy to manage and control your rental inventory and communicate with customers.

Quick payments

We will handle payments and you will be paid fast within 2 working days. No paperwork is needed.