• Getting started

  • What is Daylui.com?

    Daylui.com is an online rental marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to list any kind of items for rent, so that anyone can rent them online.

    You can find thousands of items on Daylui.com listed by people with pictures, prices, approximate location and availability dates.

  • How to List on Daylui.com?

    List Your Items

    We encourage you to share all kinds of items on Daylui.com! Whether you’re offering a Maserati or bicycle, it’s free to list your item. When you’re ready to start renting your items, you can publish your listing for the world to see.

    Enter Description

    Individuals often search for items that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your listing you offer will help individuals to find what they are looking for. And in your case it will help to rent your item quicker.

    Upload Photos

    Photographs are crucial part in renting something. This helps members to understand what they are renting. Go ahead and make sure you upload as many high quality images as possible.

    Set pricing and availability

    You know your schedule best, so we let you decide the price and we ask you to update your calendar to reflect when it’s available to rent. We also allow you to set custom prices for longer rental periods such as week, or a month. We display your listing at the price you set.

    Respond to Requests

    Individuals who like and need your item will want to book it! Thus when someone books your item, you will receive a reservation request.

    Choose who rents

    You as an owner choose whether you want to rent this item for a person or not. You can either accept or decline booking request.

    Welcome Your Renter

    Once you have a confirmed reservation, it’s time to prepare! Make sure your item is fully functioning as it is supposed to and is ready for use.

    Coordinating Pick up and Return Time

    Use our messaging system to arrange the details of your item pick up and return.

    Writing reviews

    Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Daylui.com trusted community. You can write a review and share comments about your experience with your renter. Your renter also has the opportunity to review you and your item, too!

  • How do I rent something on Daylui.com?

    1. Complete your profile.

    Create a great profile and upload a profile photo. Build your reputation by getting verified. The more information you complete, the more likely owners are to accept your reservation requests!

    2. Search for listings.

    Searching on Daylui.com is easy! When you have something in mind, you can search it using Search feature, by inputing item name. Or you can browse items through categories.

    Find some listings you like and contact few owners Then keep an eye on your inbox.

    3. Book it!

    Submit a reservation request by clicking the Book It button and entering your payment details. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged unless the owner confirms your reservation, and you can rest assured that your payment is secure with us.

    Review item owner once you have returned item. Voicing your experience is an essential part of building our trusted community.

  • Account

  • How do I create an account?

    If you do not have Daylui.com account yet, head to: Registration page

  • How do I cancel my account?

    If you decide to cancel your Daylui.com account go to your Account > Setting > Cancel my account.

    In order to reopen the account, you’ll need to contact us.

    All reservations related to your Daylui.com will be cancelled.

  • How do I reset my password?

    I forgot my password

    If you’ve forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in to your Daylui.com account, visit Here Enter the email address you use for Daylui.com and you’ll be emailed link to reset your password.

    I want to change my password

    If you want to change your password go to Account > Settings and follow the instructions on changing your password.

  • How do I change the email address I use for Daylui.com?

    To change the email address you use on Daylui:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select Profile

    3. Next to Email Address, enter the email address you want to use

    4. Click Save

  • Profile

  • How do I edit my profile or profile photo?

    To edit your Daylui.com profile information, including your profile photo.

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select Profile - > Edit Profile

    3. Use the input fields to edit your profile. Once done, Save it

  • What are verifications?

    Verificaitons are the way to connect your Daylui.com profile to other personal information about you, such as your Facebook profile, Google account, phone number, email address.

    We offer a variety of verification methods. You can see which verifications someone has completed by looking for verification badges on their profile.

  • How do I get verifications?

    To add verifications to your account:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Go to Profile > Verifications

    Available verifications include:

    - Email Addres

    - Phone number

    - Facebook

    - Google

    - Linkedin

    - Twitter

    To connect any of these services, just click Connect button.

    Getting these items verified is a great way to help build trust in the Daylui.com community. This will also increase your likelihood that every transaction is successful and no one will decline your reservations requests.

  • Lending

  • Who can lend on Daylui.com?

    Almost anyone can be a lender! It’s free to sing up and list your items on Daylui. You can list your items in almost any location worldwide!

  • The Top 7 Tips for Successful Lending

    1. Create a detailed and accurate listing page.

    To get reservation requests from users who are good fit for your listing, make sure your listing details accurately illustrate what you offer. Try making as good images as possible.

    2. Set a competitive price to attract users

    In addition to your daily price, you can set weekly rate and a monthly rate. You have complete control of how much it costs to rent your item, thus make sure that it’s competitive!

    3. Respond to users quickly

    You will receive booking inquiries from users, it’s important to respond to booking inquiries and reservation requests as soon as possible, best timing is within 24 hours, so that renters can make their renting plans.

    4. Use your dashboard to keep track of reservations

    In your Dashboard you can track your reservations. In order to remember when and when has to be lended, you can check status in your Dashboard -> Your listings.

    5. Choose a payout method so you can get paid!

    You will get paid approximately 48 hours after your renter has returned you an item. Depending on your payout method you’ve indicated in your Account -> Payout, it can take a day or two to receive the payment in your account.

    6. Keep your commitments to your renters and avoid canceling.

    When you confirm a reservation, remember that your renter is counting on you. Cancellations are really disruptive for renters, but we know that sometimes the unexpected happens.

    7. Keep your communication with renters on Daylui.com to protect your privacy.

    None of your personal contact information will be public on your listing page. Only when you confirm a reservation, renter may receive your phone number and item location address.

  • Are there any restrictions on what can be listed?

    Daylui is a community marketplace for various items. We welcome many different kinds of listings on our site as long as they meet our listings criteria and are legal.

    If we discover a listing that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we may exercise our discretion to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel the users account. Take a look at our Terms of Service for more information and other requirements for listing your items.

  • What happens if user breaks the item?

    For such cases there is a deposit, if something went wrong as an owner you can claim this amount to cover repair fees. However, in case you did not set deposit amount, or repair amount is higher than deposit, you can contact user and request to cover these costs.

    In case no agreement between user and owner takes place you can use rental agreement (Which is signed by both parties: User when books an item, and owner when he accepts the reservation request) to use it for relevant authorities to help you requesting money from user who broke an item. (Daylui is going to provide you all needed information and documents to solve this problem)

  • Renting: Finding an item, Booking an item

  • How do I book an item on Daylui?

    When you book an item on Dalyui, you‘re making arrangement to rent someone’s item. Each owner (Lender) is unique; some Owners will approve your request instantly, whilst other may take time to learn about you.

    1. Complete Your Profile

    In either case, it’s important to know that Daylui is a community that relies on trust. Complete your profile before you request a reservation with any owner, so they can know a little bit about you when they confirm. Your profile should include photos and verifications.

    2. Find the Right Item

    With a lot of unique listings, you‘ll want to make sure that item you are looking is best fit for you. User search filters to find best match according to price and location for your item.

    3. Book it

    You’ve found the perfect match, and now it’s time to make it official. Choose dates when you want to rent this item and click book it. Enter your payment details and confirm booking. Now allow Lender up to 48 hours to accept your reservation.

  • How do I search for listings?

    1. Enter item name into search field and hit Enter OR Choose from categories on the left side of the screen.

    2. Scroll through the listings and use the photos and descriptions to find ones that you may want to rent.

    3. When you select a listing, you can read a detailed description, see who the owner, is where approximate item is located, and the reviews that other users have left for this listing & owner.

    4. You can also use filter/sort listings, you can sort it by price, location, also you can input city in which you are looking for items.

    5. When you’re ready to book a listing, send a reservation request. If you have any questions related to this listing, send message to item owner.

  • How do I know if a listing is available?

    Once you found a listing that is good match for you. Check its availability calendar and see if the dates you are looking for are available.

    We also encourage you to send a message to owner to double check that their item is still available.

    Once you confirmed with owner that their item is available, we recommend that you ask the owner any additional questions you may have about the item. After you’ve asked all your questions, feel free to submit and official reservation request.

  • How do I contact an owner?

    Use the messaging feature on Daylui to find out more about a listing or owner before submitting a reservation request. To send message, Click Contact Me on a listing page and enter message that you want to ask Owner. When you are ready, you can send reservation request.

    Don’t get discouraged if owner is not responding right away! We recommend messaging few owners before submitting a reservation request.

  • Should I book if I have not heard back from the owner?

    We know that it can be frustrating if you don’t hear back from an owner right away. On average, hosts reply to messages within 12 hours.

    Generally, we recommend messaging a host by clicking Contact me, before submitting your reservation request. This allows you to ask about availability and anything else you might want to know. Then you can book with confidence, knowing that the owner has availability and will accept your request. Once owner has confirmed their availability, you can go ahead and submit your reservation request.

    If owner hasn’t responded, consider reaching out other hosts in the area. You can message as many owners as you’d like, so it’s up to them to respond to you in a timely fashion or risk losing their chance at having you as a renter.

    Unless you are planning on renting multiple items for same dates, make sure you do not submit more than one reservation request at a time, as you may end up booking multiple reservations.

    If you already submitted a reservation request and want to cancel it, as long as it has not yet been accepted, you can cancel it without penalty.

  • How do I view and send messages?

    Messaging on Daylui starts when a users makes an inquiry or reservation request. Afterwards all messages will appear and be stored in your inbox.

    To view or send a message:

    1. Click the envelope icon in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Once inside your inbox, you’ll see a message thread for each inquiry sent by interested users. Click a message thread to view old messages or send a new one.

  • How do I submit a reservation request?

    1. Start by clicking Book It button. You’ll find the button on a listing page. Make sure you selected the correct booking dates. We recommend you to contact the owner on the site before submitting a reservation request.

    2. Add your payment details

    3. Agree to the policies and terms - You need to agree to the Daylui Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the checkout page to officially submit your reservation request.

    4. Wait for the owners response

    Once you send your reservation request, the owner’s calendar will be marked as unavailable to prevent double-booking. This does not mean your request has been accepted. Owners have 48 hours to reply a request, but most owners respond within 12 hours.

    If you request is accepted, then your payment is immediately processed and collected in full. If the owner declines the request or the request expires, no charge is made and you can try booking another item.

  • When will I be charged?

    You’ll be charged for the total cost of your reservation when it’s confirmed.

    Reservation requests are confirmed when they’re accepted by the owner.

    You will not be charged a security deposit unless a claim is approved.

  • How much time does an owner have to respond to my reservation request?

    Owners have 48 hours to officially accept or decline reservation requests. You will be updated via email about status of your request. The vast majority of owners reply within 12 hours.

    If an owner accepts your request, your payment is processed and collected by Daylui in full.

    Whether reservation is two days or two months away, we hold the payment until rental period is over before giving it to the owner.

    If owner declines your request or the request expires, we do not process your payment.

  • Can I make changes to a pending reservation request?

    It depends. As long as your reservation request has not yet been accepted by the owner, you can cancel the request and submit a new reservation request with the updated details.

    Regretfully there’s no way to adjust a reservation request without cancelling the original request.

  • How do I know if my reservation has been accepted or confirmed?

    Your reservation isn’t confirmed until you’ve added your payment information and the owner accepts your request.

    When owner accepts your request, you’ll receive an email and depending on your account notification settings, a text (SMS) and notification from Daylui. Your reservation request status will also change to Accepted.

    To check your reservation status from your computer, click your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com and select My Rents. You will find the status of current and previous reservation request.

  • What happens if my reservation request is declined or expires?

    If you reservation request is declined by the owner or expires, no charge is made for the reservation and you are free to book with another owner. Your payment method may be authorized for a charge, but this authorization is voided and released back to the payment method if the reservation request is retraced by you, expires, or has been declined, including Daylui services fees. We complete a charge only when a reservation request is accepted.

    We recommend messaging several owners prior to submitting a reservation request to inquire about their availability and ask any other questions you have.

  • Will I be charged if my reservation request isn’t accepted?

    No. If your reservation request isn’t accepted by the owner, or expires without a response, you will not be charged for the reservation or Daylui service fees.

    When you submit a reservation request, we’ll place an authorization on your payment method for the amount of the reservation. An authorization is a pending charge or hold on a payment, to ensure there’s enough money to cover the full cost of the reservation.

    Here’s how an authorization works:

    - Authorization will usually appear in the pending section of your credit card or payment account

    - If your reservation is accepted, the authorization will turn into a real charge and the amount will be deducted from your payment account

    - If your reservation is declined or expires, we’ll automatically release the authorization and you won’t be charged.

    - Depending on the processing time of your bank, the authorization release may take up to 7 business days

    - An authorization release will either appear as a refund on your credit card or payment account, or alternatively, the original authorization may disappear from your account entirely

  • Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?

    Transparency and trust are vital to the Daylui experience. People rely on information in Daylui profiles, reviews and other verifications when deciding whether to host or stay with someone.

    That’s why we require all Daylui reservations to be booked by someone who is part of the reservation and is actually going to use rented item. For the same reason, you’ll need to be an authorized user of whatever credit card – or other payment method – you use to pay for a reservation. It’s okay to book for a group so long as you follow these guidelines and let the owner know that others are going to use it rented item.

    Instead of making a reservation for someone else, consider referring them to Daylui.

  • What happens if I break the item?

    A rental agreement is established between item owner and user. User agrees to this agreement when he books an item, and owner confirms it once he accepts reservation request.

    If something went wrong and you broke an item, please help owner to repair this item, or cover the repair fees. In this case you will avoid negative review and fees from law cases.

    If something went wrong owner can claim deposit (if he requested it). However, sometimes owners do not set deposit amount, thus in such case owner can request user to repair it, or cover repair costs. In case user did not assist owner with repair, owner can leave negative review for this user. Also owner can use relevant authorities to claim any extra amount to cover costs of fixing them. (Daylui.com will provide all needed information to help solve this issue)

  • Your listings

  • How much should I charge for my listing?

    The rates you decide are completely up to you. To get an idea of market prices, search for similar listings.

    As new Lender, you may want to charge lower than average rates to attract users comparing your items to those with existing reviews. Once you have a review or two, adjust your rates as needed.

  • How do I list multiple items?

    To list multiple items, just create new listing for each item you have available to rent. Each listing has its own calendar and description.

  • How do I edit my listing?

    To edit your listing:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select My Listings

    3. Select listing you want to edit. You will be forwarded to listing page, from there you can edit information you want.

  • How do I delete my listing?

    To delete your listing:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select My Listings

    3. Select listing you want to delete. You will be redirected to listing page, where you will be able to Delete Listing.

    All reseravtions related to this listing will be cancelled. All users who were planinig to rent this item, will be refunded.

  • How do I set minimum rental period for my listing?

    To set minimum rental period for your listing:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select My Listings

    3. Select listing for which you want to set minimum rental period. You will be redirected to listing page, where you will be able to Set minimum rental period.

    Or this can be done, once you are listing new item, you will be given input field where you can indicate Minimum rental period for your listing

  • How do I change/set my listings address?

    To change or add new Address on your listing:

    1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Select My Listings

    3. Select listing for which you want to change address.

    4. On listing page select Map, using Map pin select new location, or input address manually and Save it.

  • How can I promote my listing?

    To optimize your listing for Daylui’s internal search as well as for major search engines like Google and Bing, make sure to do the following:

    1. Include potential search terms in your title and description

    Think about how people search for your listed item. Mention what it is, if you are renting bicycle, include it in your title and description, together with bicycle brand name. In description mention as many as possible this items specifications and city where it is located. Also mention any extras that come with your listing

    2.Set competitive rates on your listing.

    Take a look at what other owners are charging for similar items, and use similar price. It’s a good idea as a new lender to start off at slightly lower rate, and then raise it as you get more reviews. Making sure your listing’s details are up to date will ensure you’re reaching the right renters.

    3. Complete each section of your listing and your Daylui profile

    Utilize all of the areas available to manage your listing. Upload high-quality photos.

    4. Use social media and the Web

    Make sure to ‘tweet’ & ‘share’ your page, and don’t be shy asking your friends to help! Get your listing’s url from the address bar on your public page. If you or your friends have websites, be sure to provide the link there. Relevant links to your listing from other websites can help you rank higher in major search engines.

    5. Choose correct tags.

    When listing your item in Tags section include as keywords that best describe your item. For instance if you are listing BMW X6, right keywords could be: car hire, car rental, BMW, BMW X6, BMW X6 CAR etc. These Tags will help other users and users searching on search engines to find your items easier.

  • Your reservations

  • How do I view and send messages?

    Messaging on Daylui.com will usually start when users want to inquire about your listing reservation.

    To view or send message:

    1. Click enveloped icon in the top-right corner of Daylui.com

    2. Once inside your inbox, you will see a message threads from users. Click a message thread to view messages or send a new one.

  • Am I allowed to decline booking?

    It’s important to respond to all booking inquires you receive, you can tell any renters that your listing is unavailable for dates they’ve asked. What’s most important is that you respond within 24 hours, letting renters know that you can’t rent this item, sending them message responding quickly will preserve your response rate.

    If you decline reservations, Daylui.com will send them personalized listing recommendations so they can contact other lenders. That’s why it is important to let renters know that you can’t lend items to them – it will help them make their plans.

  • What do I do if a user wants to see my listing before booking?

    In the rare event that a renter is requesting to see your item prior to making their reservation, it is at your discretion to give them a viewing in person.

    We encourage all owners to complete their booking through our website before meeting in person to best ensure their safety and privacy. To mention just a few of the trust and safety tools we made with you in mind, such as private messaging, profile verifications, reviews.

  • What if I can’t get in touch with my renter?

    If your renter is late in arriving to pick up item, there is a strong change he or she might call, email or arrive soon. As long as the reservation was accepted, it is considered active, and your payout will be released normally after rental period is over within 48 hours.

    Here are few ways to reach your renter:

    1. Call your renter their provided phone number

    2. Message through the Daylui messaging system

    As user – If owner does not show up and deliver an item as requested, you can claim leave negative review for this owner and claim your money back. (We are going to refund you full amount)

    As owner – If user did not showed up to pick up an item As long as the reservation was accepted, it is considered active, and your payout will be released normally after rental period is over within 48 hours.

  • What does each reservation status mean?

    Responding to booking inquiries is very important and may impact your booking visibility and popularity. Reservation Request - is when user wants submits a request to rent a specific item on specific dates. There are number of statuses for reservation request:

    Pending– When renter is waiting for owner to respond to a reservation request.

    Declined – When owner decides to decline reservation request that was sent by user.

    Accepted – When owner accepts reservation request sent by renter (users) and reservation is confirmed.

    Cancelled – When owner chooses to cancel confirmed reservation (Reservation that was accepted) or when renter (users) chooses to cancel reservation either before it was accepted, or after it was accepted.

    Expired – When owner takes more than 24 hours to respond to a reservation request, it will expire.

  • Why can‘t I call or email a renter or owner before booking?

    Email addresses, phone number, and the listing Address are only shared after a reservation has been accepted. Before submitting or accepting a reservation request, you can use messaging system on the site to communicate.

    In order to maintain your safety and privacy, all contact between owners and renters needs to be handled on the site before a reservation is accepted. If you attempt to exchange email addresses or phone numbers before having an accepted reservation, this information will be automatically removed. Continued attempts at transacting offline may result in your removal from the site, per our terms of service.

  • Accepting reservations

  • What do I do after I receive a reservation request?

    You have 24 hours to Accept or Decline a reservation request before it expires.

    When you receive a reservation request, you’ll get an email notification and a Dashboard alert. You can decide which reservation requests to Accept or Decline.

    If your listing is available on dates requested, Accept the reservation. Your calendar will be automatically updated and your payout will be scheduled.

    If the dates in a reservation request are available but you want to know more about individual renting your item, use the Messaging system to discuss.

    If the dates of a reservation request aren’t available, Decline the request and indicate reason for declining.

  • How much time do I have to respond to a reservation request?

    You have 24 hours to respond to a reservation request before it expires, by clicking the Accept or Decline button. Users appreciate a prompt response, even if you cannot rent this item.

    Feel free to review rental details with users by exchanging messages before you respond to their reservation request.

    Keep in mind that the dates included in a pending reservation request will be blocked on your calendar, so other users won’t be able to request them.

  • Can owner ask renter to sign a contract?

    Yes, some owners require renters (users) to sign contracts or rental agreements prior to giving item.

    Lenders (Owners): if you choose to have renters to sign a contract, you must disclose the requirement and the terms to them prior to booking. The easiest way to do this is to mention the contract in your listing’s description.

    Renters (Users): Certain lenders may ask you to sign a contract. They must disclose this prior to booking and also outline any terms.

    If you are not comfortable with the contract, you may discuss your concerns with the lender (Owner) or simply look for another listing on Daylui.

  • Security deposit

  • How does Daylui handle security deposits?

    Security deposits help cover accidents that occur during a reservation, something got broken, or damaged. Lenders (Owners) must add security deposit to their listing before a reservation is booked. Security deposits can’t be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our terms.

    When a reservation is accepted, the security deposit details and renters (users) payment information is stored. No charges or authorizations will be made to renters (users) payment method, unless the lender (owner) needs to make a claim. Lender (Owners) has 48 hours after the item return date to make a claim on the security deposit.

    If lender (owner) makes a claim on the security deposit, we mediate and collect payment from renter (users), as necessary.

  • How do I include a security deposit on my listing?

    Security deposits help protect you from mishaps that might occur during a reservation. You can add security deposit prior to listing your item or edit by going to your listing page.

    The security deposit is added to reservations made after you make the changes; they do not retroactively apply to reservations that have already been booked. To make a claim on a security deposit, go to My listings > Confirmed reservations > Report a Problem within 48 hours of your renter returning an item.

    Security deposits can’t be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are violation of our terms.

  • How do I make a claim on the security deposit?

    You have 48 hours after item was returned by renter to make a claim on the security deposit. Here’s is how to make a claim:

    1. From the desktop site, click your name on the top-right corner of daylui.com and select My listings

    2. Find listings on which you want to make claim, click Report a Problem. You will be prompted to input information about incident, why are you claiming deposit.

    3. Write all information about this listing, and why you want to claim your deposit. Once you have wrote all information, please submit your Report.

    4. Our member of staff will review this issue, if needed we may contact to inquire additional information about incident that will help us to resolve this issue.

    Most security deposit claims will be resolved within one week. We’ll make sure you and your renter (owner) are represented fairly, and if we determine you’re owed money, we’ll send it to you in a separate payout.

  • Can a security deposit be handled off-site?

    No. In order to protect user payments and ensure lenders are properly compensated for damages that may occur during a reservation, we ask that all security deposits be handled on Daylui. All off-site payments – including security deposits – are a violation of our terms.

  • ALETRATIONS & CANCELLATIONS Aletrations & cancellations

  • What if I feel uncomfortable with renter?

    Before you’ve accepted reservation

    If a renter (user) sends you reservation request and you find they’re not a fit for you, you are free to decline the booking. Check user public profile and use messaging system to get to know your renters before reservation.

    Declining an individual reservation request does not negatively impact your placement in search results.

    After you’ve accepted a reservation

    If renter (users) has not yet picked up item, you can cancel the reservation. However, first of all contact user and inform him about that. You also may be subject to cancellation penalties.

  • What happens if user cancels a reservation?

    If renter (user) cancels your reservation in his or her Daylui account, you will be automatically notified, and your calendar will be opened so you can rent item to other users.

    At the time of cancellation, users are automatically refunded.

  • How do I cancel a reservation as Owner?

    If you need to cancel a confirmed reservation, it’s important to do so as soon as possible. Go you your listings, and find the reservation you need to cancel, and click Cancel. You should also contact your renter and apologize for the inconvenience.

    You’ll be recorded as the party responsible for initiating the cancellation in our system. Because Lender (owner) cancellations require additional customer support and generate additional cost, you will have to cover service fees(9%), that would otherwise would be deducted from rental amount.

  • Can I cancel my reservation request?

    It depends. You can cancel your reservation request as long as it hasn’t been accepted by owner. Unfortunately, once a reservation has been accepted, any cancellations will be subject to the terms of the cancellation policy, and you will be charged Daylui service fees(9%).

    If you cancel a reservation request before it’s been accepted, you won’t be charged for the reservation or Daylui service fees.

    To cancel a pending reservation request:

    1. Click your name at the top of Daylui.com

    2. Select Your Rents

    3. Click Cancel on the reservation request you’d like to cancel

  • Will I be charged if I cancel my reservation request?

    No. As long as you cancel your reservation request before it has been accepted and confirmed by the owner, you will not be charged.

    When you submit a reservation request, we’ll place an authorization on your payment method for the amount of the reservation. An authorization is a pending charge or hold on a payment, to ensure there’s enough money to cover the full cost of the reservation.

    Here is how an authorization works:

    • An authorization will usually appear in the pending section of your credit card or payment account

    • If you reservation is accepted, the authorization will turn into a real charge and the amount will be deducted from your payment account

    • If your reservation is declined or expires, we‘ll automatically release the authorization and you won‘t be charged

    • Depending on the processing time of your bank, the authorization release may take up to 7 business days

    • An authorization release will either appear as refund on you credit card or payment account, or alternatively, the original authorization may disappear from your account entirely.

  • Payments & getting paid

  • What will my payout be?

    To see details on any of your payouts, visit your confirmed reservations page. Near every reservation you will see payout amount.

    Your payout will be the listing price minus the 9% (Daylui commission fees). Your renters pays the costing of your listing, you receive this amount minus – 9% (Daylui commission fees)

    Your base price applies for reservations of 6 days or less. Your weekly price applies for reservations of 7 – 27 days. Your monthly price applies for reservations of 28 or more days.

    Here are some common things that may impact the amount of your payout:

    - Reservation is for 7 or more days, so your weekly price is being applied.

    - Reservations is for 28 or more days, so your monthly price is being applied.

    - Our system only processes whole number and rounds to the nearest whole amount.

  • When do I get paid?

    Daylui releases your payout approximately 48 hours after your renter returned an item.

    After we release the payout, it takes some additional time for the money to arrive depending on your payment processor.

  • How does the Daylui payment system work?

    Daylui payment system is designed to make transferring money between users as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:

    1. Renters pay Daylui when they book an item

    2. Daylui releases money to Lenders 48 hours after item was returned

    Using Daylui’s payment system is required to make a reservation, and it helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service and other safeguards. Paying outside Daylui system is not secure, and we cannot provide access to these benefits when reservations aren’t booked directly through Daylui.

    To help cover the costs of running these services, Daylui automatically includes commission fees in each transaction.

  • How can I change my payout method?

    To add or edit your payment method:

    1. Click your name in the top-right corner Daylui.com

    2. Select Account

    3. From the menu select Payout Preferences

    4. Click Add Payout Method

  • What are Daylui commission fees?

    Currently Daylui chargest a fixed 9% commission fee every time a booking is completed on our platform.

    Our system can only process whole number and will round the fee to the nearest number.

  • How much do I pay for a reservation?

    The total price you pay for your reservation includes the cost of the listing. Owner pays 9% commission from total amount on this transaction

    Listing price

    There is no standard rate for booking an item, each owner chooses the amount they’d like to charge for their listing – per day, per week or per month.

  • What methods of payment does Daylui accept?

    We support several payment methods depending on what country your payment account is located in. Options may include:

    - Major credit cards and pre-paid cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discovery, JCB

    - Many debit cards

    - PayPal (Under construction)

    We prohibit off-site payment in our Terms of Service, because paying outside of Daylui makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues. Offline or cash payments are violation of our terms and can result in removal from Daylui.

  • What do I do if my credit card is not working?

    Daylui accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB credit cards. At this time, we do not accept all debit cards. You can try booking with your debit card or contact your bank to ask if your debit card is authorized for online transactions.

    Double-check your payment information

    Be sure that you’ve entered your credit card number and billing address correctly, your card has enough available funds, and your card has not expired.

    Contact your bank

    Sometimes your credit card may be incorrectly refused by your bank. If you’ve entered your information correctly and are still having problems using your card, contact your bank or credit card provider to let them know. Inform them of the amount of the charge and the time you tried to make the charge so they can let the transaction go through.

    Try a different credit card

    You can add or use a different credit card to pay for your reservation before submitting your request. Once you’ve reached the payment page, simply select Add new card in the payment menu.

  • Reviews

  • How do reviews work?

    All the reviews on Daylui are written by users from our community, so any review you see is based on a completed rental transaction between user and owner.

    Writing a review

    To leave a review for a recent rent, find listing in YOUR RENTS page and click Leave review. Here you will have option to tell about your rental experience. It’s important that you don’t leave personally identifiable information in a review, like a person’s last name or address.


    In addition to written reviews, you must submit a rating for this rental transaction.

    Positive – When you are fully satisfied with the rental transaction.

    Negative - When you are not satisfied with the rental transaction.

    Neutral – When you are not fully satisfied with the transaction.

    Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove or alter a review if we find that it violates our guidelines.

  • Can I remove a review?

    No.You cannot change or remove reviews on your Daylui profile left about you by other Daylui community members.

    Reviews must abide by our guidelines. Daylui’s default position is not to delete, censor, or edit reviews. However, there are rare cases in which we may take the extraordinary step of removing a review or disallowing review responses. We reserve the right to remove content that violate these guidelines.

  • How do reviews work for cancelled reservations?

    If you cancel a reservation as user or as an owner before the reservation begins, you cannot leave a review for another party, because reviews should describe completed transactions.

  • What is Daylui’s policy on extortion?

    Any attempt to use reviews to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do is a misuse of reviews, and we don’t allow it.

    Reviews are a way for users and owners to share their experiences with the Daylui community. We have clear guidelines in place to help promote our core values.

    We believe in free speech, transparency, and clear communication. Our community is built on trust, and trust comes from honest conversation. Therefore, we ask for reviews that are truthful, clear and helpful to both the review’s receipt and the wider Daylui community.