Gaming is fun, and many of us would love to purchase gaming console to have fun in our spare time, or to play video games with friends and family. However buying console isn’t cheap and there is a likelihood that shortly you will get bored with it and it will be collecting dust. Therefore with you have opportunity to hire consoles and hire video games from the community of sharing people, directly from console owners.

The range of rental consoles & video games

You can enjoy amazing consoles and video games, without spending much money. Just hire consoles or video games you like from people who are renting they consoles. You can choose to hire most popular consoles such as Xbox one, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 4, and even possibly Virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Do not know which one to try? Hire them all one by one and find the console you like most.

Consoles are great choice for evening with friends. You can hire console with many remotes and hire any games you like from people around you. There can rent great shooting games, like “Call of Duty” , “Battlefield:hardline”, or great sports games like “FIFA 2015”, as well as popular “Grand Theft Auto V”, “Devil May Cry” and more!

Hiring console with is very simple, find video consoles near you, or choose the one you like, and contact owner to find out if it’s free when you want it, or you can book it instantly. Some owners offer delivery for extra charge, some may require pick up, but since it’s nearby, you can always save some money by picking rental console yourself. community of Sharing people

Renting consoles from owners directly is cheaper than renting from companies, plus it’s just behind the corner. Also you can lease your own console to others and offset costs of ownership. Plus you have an opportunity to lease other things you have, like camera, gopro, bicycle and more. Join sharing community and start renting and sharing your items.