We are Daylui.com

We are enthusiastic team of young professionals dedicated to create great rental marketplace you can trust. Platform is secure and easy to use, so anyone can lease or hire anything with just a few clicks.

Daniel Gonsales
Founder / Web Developer
Valdemar Tunkevic
Founder / Business Development
Anna Jaskova
Founder / Marketing & CS
Stanislav Goriunov
Co-Founder / Front-end developer


At Daylui, we’re a community marketplace created to help you save money by renting or leasing your stuff. We do this by connecting people who have something to lease, with people who are looking for something to rent. Simple really.

It could be anything from a motorhome, boat, bicycle, GoPro, gaming console - anything that you don’t find yourself needing on a daily basis.

Join the growing community of savvy people using Daylui to gain access to premium goods, without the expensive purchase costs.

Earn Cash From Your Stuff

Ever noticed how your unused items seem to collect dust and go out of date? No longer. Daylui allows you to cash in on your unused stuff, listing it for others to rent from you. You earn a commission from your stuff, and the renter saves money on the would-be purchase price.
It’s a win-win!

Get To Know The Owner

Unlike traditional rental companies where you rarely meet the face behind the goods, Daylui allows you to explore great listings from owners nearby! Get treated like a local, everytime.

Get The Latest Gadgets, Without The Price Tag

Want to use the latest GoPro for your next function or travel adventure? Daylui has you covered. Forget spending hundreds or even thousands on new technology. Rent it instead!

Help The Environment

Lower your environmental footprint by owning less and renting more. Every time you rent using Daylui, you eliminate the need for manufacture of a similar item. This means less materials mined, less manufacturing pollution, and less pollution from shipping. You save money while saving the environment at the same time. It makes dollars, and cents...